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Monday, 14 July 2014

It's just a small matter, huh???


Today my mood is not so good.No motivation at all.As always i come to library,my work place with heavy heart,just simply had to come,not because i love to come.I know this is my  work,i need to be honest.My work is one of ibadah.I'm trying the best to did a good job but sometimes the result is not good enough.On my way to work,the first thing i've done is to set my mind to be more calm and ignore all the negative thing at my work place.I want to settle all my task be given by my boss to me with perfect score.

Lately,i feel very lazy and had no sense to come to work.I put the cause of my laziness  to someone in the library.I know i shouldn't blame that person for  my bad attitude.I'm supposed to be honest and be more positive in my daily day,work and social life.To be more accurate,I should behave professional.Do not so easy to give up in whatever problems coming up.Yes,i don't deny,maybe that person contributed 10 percent and more, to what happend at my attitude now,but at the end on my life,it's just me who will define what is the best and better for my future.I'm no supposed to put the offence to others right.

All my friend knows who's that person are.I think they feel the same thing with me but little less than i.
That person never give us a good feeling, never try to figure out what our problems are,fail to motivate us and never make us feel warm and happy.I know humans are not perfect.That person also not perfect.We also not perfect,but please give the try.We don't ask much,just a little understanding from you.Be more positive to us and we will also do the same thing to accept the way you are..not a perfect person just like us and all humans in this world.

I'm also nor a perfect person but if i aware i have done the wrong thing to others, i will try to put away my ego's and settle down with them.Apologize and forgive is the best for all.What are you need to do is to put away your ego's and only than you will feel free...

Peace no war.. :-)
Please ignore all grammar errors.

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